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The Do’s and Dont’s Style Tips for Tall Gents

This guide is for the taller gents out there. It aims to help you get inspired for dressing elegantly for men over 183 cm (6 feet). Let’s dive right into it. The challenge that comes with being tall If you happen to be among on of the taller gents, you[…]

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How to build a stylish wardrobe, even on a budget

Your clothes “make” you; it can either “make or break you” and will surely give a great impact on your day. Choosing the right kind of dress to wear is important and what is also important here is for you to have your own wardrobe. If you already have your[…]

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It’s All In The Details – Pocket Squares

Show of Your Sartorial Genius and Join History’s Most Dapper Men   This dainty piece of a gentleman’s wardrobe is often overlooked and underestimated by many. Pocket squares have been used all throughout history. Originally, pocket squares were drenched in perfume to cover the stink of the working class as[…]

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Dress Shirt and you – What makes a quality shirt?

Dress Shirts – an unique way of saying style, without even having to open your mouth. To some people, spotting a quality shirt from one that is made from poorer quality is tricky – for the untrained eye that is. For a dress-shirt regular however, it’s quite easy to deter[…]

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Shirts and Bow Ties

Formal? Semi-formal? What is normal?

There was once a time where men oftentimes had to attend to events, lot’s of events. Events where black, or white ties sort of were the norm to go for. At formal events, the unwritten rule to follow was to wear white ties and tails, while semi formal events automatically[…]

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