Production Details


Details matter. Our talented tailors work with high quality fabrics from scratch to craft the suit and shirt that are uniquely yours. We will work with you to create the fit that expresses your personality and compliments your figures. Every little detail from posture to shoulder slope and length of neck, arms, and legs, are taken into consideration. After careful measurement, we neatly cut out the pattern using the most advanced technology. This will distinguish your suit from the norm and enable the suit to fit you perfectly while retaining comfort.
In addition, intricate details such as pick stitching and button holes are all hand sewn by our in-house specialists to add delicate yet lasting elements in your clothing.


With aspiration to create the clothes that empower its wearer, we emphasize on all processes of the making from fabrics choosing, measuring, pattern cutting, first and second fitting to the final adjustment. Throughout the processes, we place your satisfaction and contentment as the number one priority.


After your final fitting, we will proceed with the final adjustment required. Our clothier is at your service to discuss with you to outline the final requirements and specifications. We are committed to deliver the finished garments that are not too loose or snug but fit your figures flawlessly.

Quality Control

Quality is our first priority at Damanino. Our quality assurance team leverages innovative inspection methods to verify that the products meet your requirements. The quality assurance process starts from general workmanship and materials to production and shipping. We selected the best in-house specialists and tailors, first-class fabrics and trustable partners to guarantee the smooth overall process for our clients.
Damanino’s clothes are also extremely durable as we set a strict standard for sourcing the materials. We do not only see just the fabrics but also how they were produced. Damanino’s clothes are also environmental friendly because the extended product’s life cycle helps decrease product disposal.


The packing of the product is oversaw by our shipping specialists who will make certain that your clothes are professionally packed with full protection before shipping and will be protected during the shipping process.