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How it works

How It Works


The secret to a suit that makes an impact is behind Socrates’s famous quote: Know thyself. The first step to a suit is defining the best style that enhances your figures and captures your personal style.  Our dedicative experts travel to meet you. You can choose the meeting point at the shop or, if you preferred, at the luxury of your own home or office when the time suits your schedule. We take time to listen, learn, understand, and share with you our breadth of knowledge to find that ultimate “one and only” suit.

Tell us about you: your profession, the people you meet, the clothes you already own, the inspiration you look for. We’ll use what we learn to craft out the finished product that satisfies you. We also that know your time is important—we will make every second of the meeting valuable.

Fabric Selections

Fabric – We travel across the world to curate the best there is to offer. Step inside our showroom and choose from the finest wool, cashmere, linen, cotton, seersucker, bamboo and silk to find what works for you. Hand-selected with our clients in mind, our fabrics are of the highest quality and will last longer than most clothes in your closet. We got your back and strive to make sure that every penny spent worth it.

Details – Make a statement with your unique taste and have fun while at it. Whether it functional button holes, ticket pockets, contrasting stitching or special linings, let us know your preference and we will customize your suit accordingly. We are also here to assist you in choosing what will benefits your suit and figures and will not rest until we cover every detail.


Once ordered, a full 31 measurements is employed to measure your suit and shirt. We will also capture a photo of your posture for our tailors, so they know exactly what to look for. Details such as the size of your watch or the stop over your shoes are never overlooked. We pride ourselves on meticulousness.

Fitted like a second-skin, our clothes will not disappoint you. Your suit is designed and customized to meet every specification you required. Try one today and you will immediately spot the distinguishing superiority.



“We crafted value-added custom clothing in Thailand since 1960’s.”

The making of a great suit is more than just a pattern, exquisite fabrics or an experienced tailor. What is behind the lining is the key to a beyond excellent suit. Every step into the making, we pour our heart into it. Our master tailor measures you with every points scrutinized and we cut out the pattern that is exclusive to you. All materials used are of supreme quality and tailored by our specialists. You can rest and relax, knowing that the final product will fit and impress while offering optimum comfort.


We will notify you of the finished garments after inspecting them to ensure that any minor features are covered. Once we have conducted the fitting either at our shop or your own home/office and the final fitting is required, our clothier will work on amending the garments to meet your expectation.