How to build a stylish wardrobe, even on a budget

Your clothes “make” you; it can either “make or break you” and will surely give a great impact on your day. Choosing the right kind of dress to wear is important and what is also important here is for you to have your own wardrobe. If you already have your own wardrobe, that’s great! However, if you are still planning to create or have a makeover of your existing wardrobe you have to make a plan on how to do it without hurting your budget.

Start your plan with the kind of dresses/ clothes, footwear and the different accessories that you want to find in your wardrobe. Consider the different activities that you do every now and then. If you’re already working, most likely you spend most of your time in your office. You have of course your office uniform which you wear on weekdays. The uniform will not be complete without a black pump or high heeled shoes and a shoulder bag or briefcase. There are other activities that you do after office hours or during weekends. To spare you the trouble of finding what dress to wear for a particular event, you have to stock your wardrobe with the different stuff that you might need every now and then. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on creating your wardrobe.

You can make your wardrobe simple, but stylish even without spending too much. Consider buying some stuff that you can use for different occasion. You don’t have to buy a new dress for every event or activity.

A black or gray coat or vest can be used for different occasions with a white or light colored shirt or blouse underneath. The overcoat should look good on pants or skirts or on a long or knee-length dress.

Get a some shirts and blouse of at least 3 colors, each that you can use under your coat or vest. A lighter color will be a good idea since it can be matched with your black or gray coat.

A knee-length whole dress or long dress for a formal event or a casual gathering will spare you the trouble of looking for the dress to wear for an immediate or unexpected invitation.

A high heeled pump, medium heeled or a wedge should be included in your wardrobe. You can use this alternately for a special event and other formal occasion.

You should also have a sneaker or a rubber shoes for your sporty weekend or for your casual wear.

Aside from your shoulder bag and briefcase, which you use with your uniform, don’t forget your  backpack, tote or sling bag.

Choose accessories that will last for a long time and will always look good and appropriate for the latest fashion. Remember, the accessories you wear can enhance whatever dress or outfit you wear. These accessories should make you look elegant wherever you go.

Having a simple, functional wardrobe will always place you one step ahead all the time.