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5 outfit consideration for the first day of your job

So you’ve landed the job. Congratulations!

You are probably all excited to get started at work, and in just a few days it is time to show your worth. Time to show them what you’re made of! But wait, what to wear for the first day of your job? You’d not want to be the topic for chitchat in the corners of the offices all too early, would you? If so, then let them talk about your great style, not your skinny-jeans-with-a-worn- out-blazer-outfit, and your dad’s good old “lucky tie”.

You probably have mixed emotions and your thought circle around whether you’ll fit in, impressing your new colleagues and of course – what to wear to make that happen. First impressions are important, so you’ll want to ace it at your first day at the office. That goes for your ability to do your job and of course, your outfit!

Let’s give you a few pointers towards what to wear with these 5 outfit considerations for the first day of your job. Put away that stiff pantsuit you wore to your interview, and check out how to get ready for your new job.

Match the interviewer

At your job interview you probably noticed how your interviewer was dressed. Probably you even met your new boss and how he presented himself. It all went fast, you were excited, tried to get your answers straight without stuttering – but you probably managed to notice the general dress code. That’s a good starting point.

If the boss came in a suit, that’s what you should aim for. If the normal work attire is casual, it’s okay to wear a business casual outfit to impress as well. Always try to match the corresponding dress code of the company. Always consider the industry you are being interviewed for, as the dress code for a law firm is probably different to that of a construction company.

Resist baggy apparel

Wearing overly big dress shirts and trousers, sweatshirts or T-Shirts may be comfortable, but with that you just made yourself interesting – the wrong way.

At work, wear comfortable clothing, especially if you have a desk job. Never fall for the trap to wear too loose garments at work. Your boss won’t be impressed, nor will your colleagues. Loose clothing makes you look unprofessional all too quickly, and you won’t want to miss out on your chance to show your worth, do you?

Instead wear tailored threads, or fitted clothing, as it will indicate that you pay close attention to how you look.

Piercing and earrings are a no go

Your outfit plays a big role on how to ace the first impression of you, but as fast as you may have achieved that, it all can get down the drain in an instant, if you overly accessorize yourself. We’re talking earrings, piercings, visible tattoos and those kind of “accessories”.

Put on a nice watch, maybe a bit of subtle jewelry, but never look like you’re hitting a rock concert after work. If you insist on your piercings, skip the lip piercing. It’s a no go. Not only in offices, but it may also cause a safety hazard if you’re working with machinery. That’s for after work. In regards to other piercings and visible tattoos, try to play it safe the first week. Observe first, get a feel for the dress code, and what is considered acceptable.

Over time, when the job is safe in the bag and you settled in, try slowly ease things up, if you feel that there’s room to do so.

Stick to neutral colors

Don’t wear too bright colors on your first day of your job. Unless you want to familiarize yourself with sweet, new nicknames like “peacock”, or “parrot”.

Too bright colors call out for one thing alone and that is – ATTENTION!
It’s your first day of your job, not a day where you’ll want to stand out all too much. You’ll want to attract the right kind of attention, so wear subtle, neutral colors without experimenting too much with mixing and matching. Think black, brown, tan, grey and navy colors. Maybe add a lighter dress shirt to add just a pinch of color to your outfit.

Prepare your outfit the night before

It may bring back memories from your parents telling you to do this before going to bed, but for once – listen to them.

It will save you time and just give you the extra advantage in the morning.
Don’t be running around in the morning, jumping into your trousers, while trying to iron your shirt with your hands, trying to even out the worst wrinkles. There are no parents running after you anymore – no miracles are going to happen!

Your time is a luxury you just don’t have. Don’t prepare everything at the last minute.

Instead, prepare your clothes the day before. Lay out your outfit on a chair or a hanger, iron your shirt and polish your shoes. Nothing gives away the lack of attention to detail more than wrinkled, or dirty clothing.

Good grooming and hygiene is essential, so make sure you have clean hair, fingernails, fresh breath and applied deodorant. That should be the only thing you should have left to worry about in the mornings.

With those pointers in mind, you’ll ace your first impression. We’re sure about that. If you need a new suit for the first day at your new workplace, get in touch with us, and we’ll get you dressed in style. With our help you’ll guaranteed look like a stylish superstar.

May your first day of work be a fashion success!