The Do’s and Dont’s Style Tips for Tall Gents

This guide is for the taller gents out there. It aims to help you get inspired for dressing elegantly for men over 183 cm (6 feet). Let’s dive right into it.

The challenge that comes with being tall

If you happen to be among on of the taller gents, you know the struggle. Taller gents have a lot of advantages, but in terms of style and fashion to many other things, they often get treated poorly. From compact cars to airlines with decreasingly leg room, taller gents often aren’t considered at all, and when it comes to shopping, there’s no exception. Off-the-rack clothing tends to be designed with shorter gents in mind, and when we say shorter, we mean gents that are below 183 cm. (6 feet). For those that happen to be above that, they’ll know the struggle of wrists beginning to poke out from from the shirt cuffs and the ankles beginning to show. Not features that you’d like to highlight, as Dress Shirts easily get untucked, socks slide down and shoes above a size 15 are hard to find anywhere. Being a tall gents certainly has advantages, but shopping for the more elegant, well-fitting type of clothing can turn out to become quite the challenge. The point in dressing well as tall gents isn’t necessarily to hide your height altogether, but instead, like any other body type, the goal of dressing for a tall gents, is to look proportional and elegant. A larger gent just has to work a little harder than one of an average height gent has to. Mainstream clothes just aren’t designed with you in mind. We know, it’s not fair.

Clothes should always have an appropriate length and fit according to your proportions. That also includes hems, shirt cuffs, shoulders, pant rise and jacket length – to only mention a few. The patterns, the textures and colours should be used to support the overall look in a way that doesn’t exaggerate or overemphasise the height. The overall goal of that is quite simple – looking good!


The Style Do’s for Tall gents:

  • DO use layers to add depth and dimension
  • DO embrace the odd combination
  • DO choose belts over braces
  • DO embrace bolder types of shoes
  • DO get everything you buy altered to your size
  • DO invest in made-to-measure and bespoke clothing
  • DO buy long-length ties
  • DO buy over-the-calf socks


The Style DONT’s for Tall gents:

  • DON’T wear bold, vertical stripes
  • DON’T wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts together
  • DON’T wear low-rise pants
  • DON’T wear solid, dark suits or two solids together
  • DON’T wear anything if it’s too short

The Conclusion:

We could add a lot of depth to this article, but this one is aimed for you cross off when shopping. If you need one of these points elaborated, please feel free to get in touch with us, so we can guide you through the entire process from style mess to true master of style and fashion according to your own preferences and height. We hope that this guide has helped you getting some ideas on how to get the best results out of buying new clothes, so you can look and feel confident at all times. If you are a tall gents and have some tips to share, please also feel free to contact us, so we can convey them to some of the other tall gents reading our blog.